a long time coming.

hi, hello, hi, hello what’s good with you? how your spirit feel? how you feeling? the last 6 months or so have been a whirlwind, so much has happened and if i’m being honest, i’m looking back at it grateful. That’s not to say it didn’t hurt like hell while it was happening, but i … More a long time coming.


I won’t even explain myself, I won’t even try. But we’ve brought ourselves back here loves and for that I am grateful.  I wonder how you all are doing and I know your wondering the same…  I can say I’m not great. My mental health has been all over the place, mercury is in retrograde, … More Untitled.

Touch Her Heart

There are moments that stick with me, often I refer to them when I feel my strength has run dry. I was not raised very religious, I don’t align with any particular religion but my mother always taught me that there had to be something or someone that I could release my feelings too. To … More Touch Her Heart


( photo by: Me.Mae. I)  Ooh, she may be weary And  young girls, they do get wearied Wearing that same old shaggy dress, yeah But when she gets weary Try a little tenderness, yeah, yeah You know she’s waiting Just anticipating The thing that she’ll never, never, never, never possess, yeah, yeah But while she’s … More Tenderness 

The Curvy Con, Nicolette Mason + 3 Tips For the Curvy Minimalist

So these past two weeks have felt less like a whirlwind and more like a static repeat of the day before (actually more like ground hog day). But something super duper incredible happened! So, like any normal day I am scrolling through my Instagram and suddenly, I see this: Now, as the advised Instagrammer I … More The Curvy Con, Nicolette Mason + 3 Tips For the Curvy Minimalist