My First Sunday Spa Day.

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As part of my journey to finding happiness, saving and ultimately traveling. I have decided that for my sanity it would be nice to treat myself once a week. Nothing too crazy or money sucking just, something cute. After spending the entire first day of the New Year figuring out the best bang for my buck in Bath & Body Works, I am well equipped to have bubble baths for the next century (their semi-annual sale is a little slice of happiness for my heart and my pockets). But, bubble baths alone could get old. Recently, I have stumbled upon Que Bella Beauty Masks in my local Target. For $1.97-$1.99 you could have a spa worthy facial. The options are endless from peel off mask, to mud mask all requiring at least 15-20 mins of check-out time. It is then that you can enjoy the all natural aromas and ultimately reap the benefits of the product being at least 80% all natural.

So, this past Sunday was my first Spa Day and I’d would like to call it a success. I used the “Purifying” Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Mud Mask.  While my partner tried the “Revival” Peel-Off Pink Grapefruit Mask. Now, I know that we are all just getting to know each other here, but I LOVE Tea Tree oil, I would use it for everything if I could! Anyway, I applied the mask and the next 15 minutes went, the smell was perfection and the packaging was cute, giving the right amount to cover my full face. While sitting in a hot bath, my face got purified with my favorite oil and favorite playlist.

Once I rinsed my face there was a noticeable difference, my face was soft, my pores looked smaller and over all my face looked healthier. Needless to say, the Que Bella Beauty Mask will become a part of my regular Sunday Spa days. Stayed tuned, for I think I will tackle at-home manicures next!

Loving and Rising,



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