Lazy Girl Guide to Meal Prep/Planning


So, in the spirit of trying new things, saving money and being happy. I have decided to tackle meal prepping/planning. I have been seeing guides all over the place from Pinterest and Instagram to Twitter. As I approach my second work week in the New Year I think I have some advice to offer to all the lazy girls out there. Though I like eating, cooking isn’t my favorite activity  and 9 times out of 10 I’m not really looking forward to it. However, the need for planning and organization in my life lead me to Meal Planning/Prepping and a new excitement has surfaced. That being said,  I have created a 3-tip guide to help unleash that excitement in all of my friends! Here I will give you three tips to help lower meal prep time, save money and enjoy good food!

Tip One: Find 5-6 meals that excite your taste buds. When looking for meals for the week try to find meals that use a lot of the same ingredients or ingredients that can last along time. It will help cut down on costs.

Tip Two:  Shop with purpose! When you go to your grocery store be sure to take a list with you. It will give you something to pay attention to, help lower time in the store and because you have already wrote the list ahead of time it gives you an opportunity to look for coupons.

Tip Three: Experiment! For every week that you plan set aside one day as a “try-day”. Look for something you’ve always wanted to try or has been reccomened to you. It will add a bit of excitement to the whole process.

With these steps you should be flying through meal prep/planning. I personally like to look for meals and recipes that allow me to cook more than on thing at a time, it lowers prep and cook time. I also downloaded two apps that have been helping me with the coupons. Something about having to sit down and physically cut seems… so? Old fashioned lol. Anyways, I use Checkout 51 ( You can earn cash back with this one!) and Flipp. Both apps use your location to find coupons in your local stores. Both allow you to “clip” the coupons and save it to the app. All you have to do at checkout is whip up the app and boom they are waiting for you!

I hope these things are helpful and I will be highlighting my weekly meals and shopping list every other Sunday on my Instagram! Be sure to check it out.

For recipes check out my recipes Pinterest board.

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