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Last May I decided that I would become a minimalist. I was the girl who had stuff in her closet that stayed for years on end, but I never wore it. Ever. Not even once.  But, I was also the girl who could never let go of anything, I just had a lot of.. STUFF. For whatever reason I just kept buying and buying and not really paying attention to my closet and only wearing the same 6-8 outfits. I would just watch my piles of junk get higher and higher…which slowly revealed how much money I was wasting.

As a Pinterest stalker, I quickly discovered the idea of minimalism and creating capsules for your closet. I  watched as many YouTube videos I could find because I was determined to master a capsule before the summer was through.  I was also looking to give my life a little more flexibility and room for vibes, thoughts and love to flow. Through my trials and tribulations I have come up with 7 easy tips that will help you master what I like to call my “Core Capsule”.

Tip One: Wash all of your clothes and pick out all of your favorite outfits. Not individual pieces but full outfits head-to-toe.

Tip Two: With the outfits picked out, try to mix and match them. If something doesn’t work, it is not worth keeping.

Tip Three: Come up with a better washing schedule, if you normally wait until you have that holey college sweatshirt and no more undies to wash clothes… say goodbye to that life honey! The more often you wash  your favorites, the more often you can wear them.

Tip Four: (This tip is really a sub-tip to Tip Three but I will let it live.) The 2 time rule. For items like jeans, sweatshirts and chunky sweaters. Set a limit that you can wear them twice before they need to be washed. It is more beneficial for the clothing and its longevity  & for you.

Tip Five: If you can’t remember the last time you wore it or you are using it as an incentive to get back in it, then you don’t need it. Let it go.

Tip Six: Simplify your color palette. Hectic patterns tend to make it a little difficult to mix and match items, which will only help you moving forward. If all your clothes match, it will be easier to pick outfits.

Tip Seven: Enjoy! This is all supposed to help you and though it is work, the pay-off will be worth it!

*Bonus Tip* Set splurge/invest items. For me I think splurging on coats and shoes makes the most sense because coats and shoes last a long time. I am willing to splurge and invest in those items because in the long run it will help me save money. If I invest now I won’t have to buy multiple later to make up for cutting corners. Remember, quality over quantity.

All of these tips really helped me this past summer but I was also able to keep up with them. Almost 7 months later and I am still going strong. I am able to have empty hangers and can see the floor. These are great accomplishments. If you are looking to revive yourself or your style on a budget, why not look into what you already own and make it better, inside and out.

Check these videos out (I found them really helpful):

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  1. I seriously need to do this especially since I’m moving away for a year. I’d like to take as little as possible. I will definitely dig into those videos on a future date. Thanks for the tips!

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