The Planning/Organizing Pen.


For most of my life I have been addicted to stationary. I can remember the mommy-daughter days I would spend endlessly walking around the Sanrio store, trying to decide which pencil and eraser combo I would get, while comparing prices to make sure I would get the most for the money limit my mother had set. I always walked out happier than ever, you would think by the smile on my face that I would have just bought something spectacular but in my tiny bag would always be pencils and erasers. But to me, boy was that SPECTACULAR. The Sanrio store closed a few years back and since then I have been looking to relive that experience.  Fast-forward a decade and I still get the same high, looking for pens, pencils, erasers and any new-fandaggled stationary gadgets  I can get my hands on.  I can spend hours watching reviews and Googling the best planners, pens, sticky notes and anything else that Google, YouTube and Pinterest might give me access too.

This leads me to my best tid-bit of advice. Go to your local or favorite stationary store. Take you’re time. Walk the writing utensil isle like its brand new to you. Pick something. Declare it your Planning Pen. Set rules for the pen. Like,

  1. I will only use it to plan, organize, do quick math regarding important life things or because you can’t do math in your head.
  2. I will keep it in my bag, purse or pocket at all times.
  3. I will use it to write happiness.

You will be surprised the success you will find when you set “limitations”, it will allow you to associate happiness with serious business and give you something to look forward too. This is a step past your favorite pen or pencil, this is the puppy love pen.

At the end of 2015, I felt lost, like I didn’t have a grip on anything, I couldn’t focus and I couldn’t plan. On a trip to the movies, under the impression that the Sanrio store had closed down years ago. I stumbled upon a pop-up shop. Here I was able to relive the sacred days of my childhood walking around, looking for the perfect writing combo. I found it, the perfect organizing/planning pen. With taking a step to my past, I am now able to walk to my future and write it too.


Loving and Rising,




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