Youth Is Wasted On The Young.

Being young. Everyone has a opinion of what it should be, how you’re wasting it and what THEY would have done. Unfortunately, for someone like me, that’s all I have heard my whole life, what I should be doing and how I am wasting time not doing it. I am told being young means no serious relationship and instead playing the game. I am told that being young means not making any “serious” choices because I haven’t lived enough yet. But, isn’t that the point? Isn’t that what being young is all about?  Isn’t it about living and actually enjoying it? Or, Not having anything to hold you back from your dreams, hopes and wishes? And if in the worst case scenario it bites you in the ass at least you can blame it on being young?

The people that have raised me, are people who unfortunately had to grow up too fast. They didn’t have the same young-hood that I am embarking on and instead wondering what I am going to do next with the freedom that my life has allowed me, I feel judgements all around me. I feel disapproving head shakes and disapproving looks. All I can say is, I don’t want to share anything with them then. Because the joy of the moment  is supposed to have it sucked away by their should have, could have and would haves.

I find this to be the most troubling issue of the era that I am in. If I hear, ” you are young live!” one more time I might just go crazy. Because if people could see it they way I see it, they would understand that I am being young. I am living.

The second most irritating thing is the notion that I will have regrets. I think it would be naive of me to believe that I will one day look back and be 100% of with every single choice I have ever made. But, I have developed a philosophy and understanding that shit happens and somehow it all falls back together again. I full heartedly believe that and so that notion continuously encourages me to not live life through fear but instead through all those good feelings.

To believe that youth is wasted on the young is to say that you didn’t do what you might have wanted to do when you were, because of fear or circumstance or whatever might have been in your way. If that is the case I am sorry, but I am young and I am living. The only difference is I am living for myself.

Loving and Rising,