Que Bella, The Best At-Home Facial.

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So, I’m sure you guys already know that I am a true blue Que Bella fan. They are super affordable and great quality masks that can be found on their website and Target!  They were my first ‘real blog’ post and since then the love has not gone anywhere! This weekend I tried the Que Bella Professional Repairing Charcoal Mud Mask!This line is different then the normal line, and cost just bit more. Like, a dollar more. I tried this one first because I am a Mud Mask lover, stalker and friend, lol.  That being said, I recently tried what I am now coining MY FAVORITE MUD MASK EVER! ( At least until I try another one from them lol)

I kid you not, all the things I look for in mask I found here! Now, I am the type who feels like if I can’t feel it, then I don’t think it is working! I like the tingle, I love the tightening — if it has that, then I want it. Naturally, it was the first one I tried.

What I really liked about this mask was that it wasn’t a powder and I didn’t have to mix it myself. For whatever reason, I just hate how messy those masks can get. So, I applied it all over my face, avoiding the lips, eyebrows and such. Immediately I felt a tingle ( in my book this is good). I quickly realized that the packet had more then I needed (another huge plus).

So, I followed the directions and I kept the mask on my face for 20 mins. It started to dry and change from a darker green color to a lighter green color. I then washed it off and it was actually a magical experience. My face has never felt so smooth or looked so matte. I have extremely oily skin and I am constantly looking for ways to get it under control. I have found the mother-load!

Need I say more? I am even more of a fan then I was before! I will be buying more and more… and a little bit more. It is a wonderful staple to my Friday Night In’s or my Sunday Spa Days!

More reviews of the Professionals line to come!

You should totally check them out!

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Enjoy! ❤


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