Body Acceptance.

  To be honest I will not be able to give a definition of what Body Positive means, for many reasons but the most important one would be not wanting to create it for you. You know yourself and you know what it would mean to be positive about anything regarding yourself and I would not like to limit you. However, what I would like to do is describe feelings you should have when you think of your body, because I think feelings are things we can all relate too.

I want you to want to hug yourself. I want you to want someone else to hug you. I want you to feel like the sun is shining just for you and your heart. I want you to feel like your going to exploded because you want everyone to feel the way you feel about yourself. I want you to know that I love how you look, even the little things you don’t like about yourself, I promise you I love it.

Being body positive is anything that you need to make yourself feel better that is, healthy.

But body acceptance is a whole different ball park. Body acceptance is understanding and accepting how your body functions. It is not only being positive about you body outwardly, but more so internally. In simple terms, truly loving with you got, and knowing there are good days and bad days. But good always outweighed the bad. 

I say that as someone who had a not-so good past with food, body image and eating. I know what it feels to be on the other side. The side where you hate how you look, you wish you looked like something else, someone else… you wish you didn’t feel so trapped and outcasted all at once and you just want that girl.. or guy to look your way, one time..maybe?

I know all those feelings and I know how isolating it all could be. But if you try, I promise I’ll reach my hand to you and sometimes that’s all you need right?

In this year being the year of honesty, I will be honest with you, some times this is something I struggle with. Sometimes, all the growth goes out of the window and I trap myself in old thoughts to these new ones. Where I try to separate myself from my past some much I wind up not taking care of myself as I should. I am human and every day I work hard to remind myself that I am not there anymore.  But then again, sometimes I wonder if people notice? the growth? the health? the new self love? It is then I have to remind myself that it is not for them, or their thoughts but its for me and my heart.

I know that in the age that we are in it may be very hard to find a place for yourself, it may be very hard to figure out where you want to be and not compare to the things you see around you. But, I want to remind you that you have the power to do it. It may just take sometime and the high isn’t always there, but when it is… promise me you will rejoice in it. post a selfie and tag me in it. 🙂

Ultimately, the road to rising isn’t a lonely one, and you have my support, for I struggle with you. But it doesn’t have to last forever. So lets work together to deconstruct cuter ideas ideas of beauty & truly lear to accept outsells, exactly how we are.

If you or anyone you know may feel like they are having eating issues, body image issues or just need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to comment or email me at

Also check out:

@effyourbeautystandards a wonderful page dedicated to self-love, representation and a good f**king time!

@auroracenternyc  a health center dedicated to helping people fight against eating disorders and offers yogas classes for EVERYONE.

@babe.wear a wonderful company asking you to be comfortable with your insecurity on your chest, to help you recognized that regardless your a babe! They sell shirts here!

I hope you found the helpful, maybe inspiring, hopefully you realize that you have so much support out there.

I am here for you.


Loving and Rising,



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  1. Asa….this is an awesome post!! Thank you for mentioning us and for spreading this important mention. Honesty is powerful. Body love & body positivity doesn’t necessarily mean we love every inch of ourselves every single day, rather that we can come from a place of acceptance and non-judgment and kindness even when we have down moments…that we don’t torture ourselves anymore! Acceptance doesn’t even mean you have to like something…there are a lot of things we all have to accept in this world that we may not agree with. Acceptance just means we receive what is, without trying to fix, change or protest the reality. Hard, but so worthwhile in the end. We all have to work on this one every day and there’s no shame in that game!

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