3 Tips to Stay Happy & Love Yourself!

me smilingSo in keeping with the theme of this month, Self-Love & Appreciation and March 20th being the International Day of Happiness! #happyday :).  I thought it would be helpful to let you guys know my top three tips to stay happy and continue to love myself.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you may not be feeling yourself and you might not feel like yourself. That is ok, natural and sometimes expected. It is hard to be 100% all of the time, trust me I get it. It’s fine. But what is important is that you have tactics to combat those days when you just feel like you can’t get it right!

I would also like to note that sometimes the tacits have to change, because as always we are always striving to love and rise.

That being said, let the tips begin!

  1. FIND A HOBBY. I don’t know how much I can explain this, I don’t know how else I should say this. For a very long time I thought having a hobby was lame and for people who didn’t have friends. I was obviously wrong. My hobby, is crafting/planning. If you follow me on instagram you probably have seen what I mean. But seriously, find something, whether is be makeup, hair, crafting, painting whatever. Find one or try them all out for size. But it gives you something to do when your not feeling your best, it takes your mind of whatever “it” is  and when your done, or you learn a new skill you will have something to be proud of.
  2. MENTAL/PHYSICAL HEALTH DAYS. When this was originally presented to me, I was very against it. For I could not understand taking a day off if I didn’t need to. BOY WAS I LOST! I honestly can say that this was the best thing I have started doing. Your body lets you know when you can’t function anymore, you sleep in, you start getting a cold, or for some of us you just can’t get out of bed. LISTEN to your body, excuse yourself. Rest up and come back stronger.
  3. DEAL! My last and final tip. A little something I like to call DEAL and that is Drop Everything And Live. Sometimes we get so caught up in all of the these that we are supposed to be doing, what we think other people want to us to do that we forget to do things that we want to do. I think we need to get a little more spontaneities when it comes to ourselves. I say at least once a month on a day that works for you ( not drop serious responsibilities, trust me it doesn’t end well lol) and make it a day for you, or you and your partner or you and your closest friends. Spend that day doing whatever you need to do to make you feel removed, warm and relaxed. Spend a day indulging in your hobby, maybe a spa day-fun day or maybe just laying in bed eating your favorite soup. Whatever it is, do it.  This is a way to really get reconnected with what you like and love in life. A reminder, a promise and wish to keep things happy and loving in your life, inspired and designed by well, you.

So I know these were really long tips but I wanted to make sure you had everything you needed, all the details. Now, you don’t have to do all three, you can pick and choose or you can do all three, doesn’t matter just find what works for you.

Being happy and love are both choices and I want you to always want to choose them.


So, let’s get started 🙂


Loving and Rising,