I’m Sorry.. But I’m Back

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Hey guys, gals and everyone and thing in between. I hope you all have been doing well.. I have been living a life whose blueprint is literally a rollercoaster. I have missed you all so much and I am ready to let you in on what has been happening these last two months. (I know, two months I can’t believe it myself)

April:  Well we missed all of April and there were a few highlights. I turned twenty, I applied to art school, I got into art school. Heavily considering transferring.  Still trying to decide if I should go to art schools or tough it out at my current.  I got a new tattoo, well two. One to honor my life saver Kanye West (more on that later) and my twentieth year of life.

May: I got a summer apartment with the person I love. We have two cavies and a new puppy. (follow him on insta @marihas2moms). We are attempting to go vegan and May isn’t over yet so yay! I can keep you posted about the next 10 or eleven days.

I know, I know not half of what is expected of me but to be completely honest I’m not 100% sure how to come back. Its been a really hard two months, I don’t think I have ever second guessed myself or felt more liberated before. Two very different things of course but nonetheless, both are/were very needed. I am going through a life-altering period. So I guess I will start  you off.

I began more regular therapy with a dope ass therapist who reminds me that my life goals are things I can actually achieve. I have been working extremely hard with her to find out more about myself and my habits and understand who I am, through the things I  have been through. I have also learned to not close myself off to things that might make me feel uncomfortable simply because they make me uncomfortable. In doing all of this personal work, I have come to a  place where I felt it was important for me to try something I had always wanted to try. I applied to arts school.

In getting to know myself better, I have been striving to be more honest with myself, to engage in things that actually bring me joy and to recognize when I don’t like something. I have been more honest with myself and realized that I really am interested in the arts, not simply art history (my current major). So I applied to the one school that I have been looking into for graduate school and I got in. I have, since that day that I got accepted, have been trying to figure out if I would transfer or not. The reason I am flip-flopping is simply because my mother doesn’t want me to go. She thinks it’s too far and that’s not good for someone who has mental health issues like myself.

In late March/early April, I was officially diagnosed with Depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and discovered that it was only amplified during my period, in addition to me just having wacky hormones, go figure. But I recently have a very low point and it was very important to me to figure it all out.

But, as I figure all of that  out and transform my life into the vegan lifestyle while working at a dope bookstore. I hope you all haven’t forgotten me and I haven’t been away for too long… I have missed being able to share and learn and engage with people for I think that’s the reason I started in the first place. And ultimately it is the reason I have to come back.

I wouldn’t call this a comeback… but.. well lol maybe? Anyways…

Loving and rising,

Asa 🙂

p.s now that it is the summa time I will be posting weekly again. 🙂 let me know what you think is a good day! also follow me on insta and snapchat (asa426) just to keep up with me on the regular. see you soon. 🙂