My Happy Planner. Literally.

So, I have recently found a hidden gem. Have you heard of Me and My Big Ideas? The Happy Planner?  If you haven’t then you should. Like go click on the link now, I will wait…

Have you fallen in love? GREAT.

To add to all the amazing-ness of this company they have created a beautifully customizable planner! Yes omg! It is amazing. If you are YouTube obsessed like myself then you know the very first thing I had to do was find out everything I could possible find out about the planner community and then The Happy Planner. I watched countless first impression videos, comparison videos and Plan With Me’s to truly prepare me. After wanted a million and one videos. I decided it was important for me to get my partner on board. After sending them three videos they too were on board lol.

We quickly ran to Michael’s after a couple of day to gather supplies to get the ball rolling. I actually have footage of us on our first shopping trip to Michael’s, let me know if you’d like to see it, we look like two kids in a candy store.

Now, let’s talk planner.

The Happy Planner is beyond affordable, the most expensive planner being $35.99. It is an 18 month planner starting in July and ending in December of the NEXT YEAR. The planner by itself is already so pretty but being able to decorate it with the space that is given in The Happy Planner just takes its to a whole different level. It merges scarpbooking and planning/list making and whatever else you find to be helpful when trying to be organzied. It allows you to truly customize your system without having to recreate the wheel. Unless you like that. In that case there are 12-month kits that you can get that allow you to start anywhere!

There is a monthly layout and then a weekly layout, and each moth has its own color theme and divider page. In the blank spaces you fill it what needs to get done or use it as a decoration space whatever floats your boat. I truly love this planner and it worked wonders for me during the school year, they now even have teacher and student planners. ( they have covered all the basis and are really great at responding to customer demands, happiness being their key to success).

So what makes the planner so happy you may ask? Well, you! And your creativity, the time you invest in making it even more pretty allows for you to want to pay more attention to your planner. Planning becomes a hobby, a productive hobby that allows you to use both sides of the brain.

So I will give you my top five benefits of having a Happy Planner:

  1. I set time aside to plan
    1. This is helpful because it gives me a time to make sure I sit down and review all of the things I might have to get done.
  2. Decorating -> Memory
    1. By decortating my planner, it helps me commit things to memeory or at least encourages me to look at the planner more, which meaan I see what I need to do more often.
  3. It’s RELAXING
    1. This might be my favorite part, but it is  so super relaxing to play with washi tape, paper and stickers for an  hour once a week. It keeps both my mind and my hands busy. It can’t get much better than that.
  4. Hobby
    1. It becomes something you are invested in and it becomes a hobby. Slowly before you know it your following fellow planners on instagram and joining Facebook groups. You join a community of planners.
  5.  It’s cute
    1. I  think this is a very valid point, prehaphs the most important. When something looks good it makes me feel good as well. Because the Happy Planner is so cute and has some many accessories, I am always interested in the planner and MAMBI is coming out with next. I’m always on my toes and always exited to see whats next.

So, if I haven’t convinced you yet I will share with you some instagrams, youtube channels and MAMBI itself that might get you a little more intrested. If I have convined you, welcome to the club and here are some resources to help you get started.

Order You Planner Here

Can also be found in Michael’s and Hobby Lobby!

Planner YouTubers I LOVE (all can be found on insta)

The Hug Life

Dani Lauren

Belinda Selene

Charmaine Dulak

The Sassy Club

 I would love to see if you buy one and what your weekly and month spreads look like! tag me, snapchat me… I can’t wait to see!

Cheers! To cute organization! :*

 Loving and Rising,

 Asa 🙂