Summer Goals and How To Achieve Them.

So it is the summer time and if your a college student like me, I hope that finals are over, you passed and now you can relax. Well.. a little bit. I feel like the moment you get to college people tell you how incredibly important your summers are and encourage you to use your time wisely. Most of those suggestions involve internships or externships which are important and should, of course be on your radar.

But I think there are other things that are important too. I know for me at least it is very intimidating when people expect you to be moving such larger mountains than you feel you can. It makes me feel like I am unmotivated, lazy and just not good enough. In recent reflection I have realized that is not the case and I am going to tell you why.

First, everyone has potential. And if there is something you really want to do, I do believe that you  have the power to make it happen.

Second, I also recognize how that could potentially be scary and how you could be afraid of the power you posses.

So, this summer though I am not doing any spectacular internship I have challenged myself to do things that will enhance my skills and put me on a path to things that I really want to do. Naturally, I set summer goals. With all this free time on my hands outside of working at the bookshop, I figured I should invest my work ethic into something productive. Something that could ultimately get me somewhere or just turn out to be a side hustle which is ok. As long as I achieve the goal.

My first and most relevant goal is to write and to continue to working on enhancing the blog (lemme know what you think of the new theme). It is really important to me that I stay consistent and I don’t bore you guys. I also would like to enhance my overall writing skills. I took a break but as I said before I am back.

My second goal is to start my own t-shirt or planner sticker line. It is something I have been talking about for a while now and I am just not too sure how to start it and I realized that maybe I just need to start. So… I have come up with a month plan as to how I can move forward on that endeavor. Be on the look-out for my t-shirts and or stickers.

My third goal is learning how to adult better, not that there is a rule book for it. But just learning how to do so under my own terms and making sure I truly get into a groove of saving and budgeting. I think I already do a good job and but with anything there are always slip ups.

So, I have some tips for you guys

  1. Write it down! I cannot stress it enough, seeing things and writing things really help commit it to memory and hopefully help you commit it.
  2. Tell people about it! People who care about you and those who are interested will asked about the progress of your goal/project. Thus, helping you stay in check.
  3. Make it fun! Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too big of a chunk of the project. It’s supposed to keep you inspired and make you happy. Don’t make it labor.

That’s all I’ve got and I hope it is helpful. If you are looking for someone to talk to, to egg you on, I’m your girl! I will love to help you achieve your goals. Due keep in mind though, that sometimes when you plan something things can go quite differently… but it might lead you to the right thing.


Loving and rising,