A Hair Changer.

How many of you guys have changed your hair in the last year? Last five years?

Well,  I honestly try to change my hair as frequently as I can and here’s why.

For as long as I can remember, my hair has always been important to me and in some ways feels like an extension to my outfit, it’s yet another accessories that I get to have fun with. But as I get old I realize that hair serves an even more important part in who I am. It connects to me the experiences and moments that I might have had when my hair was in that cut with that color. It works as a marker of time for me.

Some people collect pins or shot glasses but I collect hair colors and hair cuts.They help remind me what I was doing, how I was feeling and who I wanted to be at the time. Because that is always changing.  So far I have been able to not repeat a hair cut or a color. (note: that is something I am very proud of)

For someone like me marking time, is kind of uncomfortable because I don’t think it proves anything. I mean yes you get older and wiser (hopefully) but it’s not to say that because you have known someone for 4 years that its time to get married. I see time as a more fluid thing, something should be marked by something that is more fluid and is based more so in feelings and more mini goals.  I say that because it doesn’t ever really seem like numbers gets people anywhere… besides maybe judging themselves and putting themselves down or other because hey haven’t achieved the same things in the same amount of time or age.  It seems that a lot of the time people are much more concerned with where they should be by a certian number that they can’t simply enjoy life for what it is and live in the moment.

I guess why this is so important to me is because I don’t think life and progression is always linear. I think it is impossible to view it that way, even more so when looking at personal progression. It is hard to think that you can isolate one section of yourself and allow it to grow and only one section of your person. That just doesn’t make any sense in order to be constantly growing, it has to happen all at once, whether you realize it as growth or not. In keeping time with something that is frequently changing, like my hair. That way, I can mark my change and my evolution… or lack there of. Depending on how long I keep a hair color/cut

The other side of that, is I change my hair when I think I’ve just come out of a bad head-space. I change my hair when I feel I have just overcome something. I do that to ensure a separation in feelings and energies. To make sure that I am enjoying and allowing myself to truly feel it all and when that period is done a new color marks it for me.

For some reason though with my recent haircut and color I am VERY comfortable and I think I might have found something that feels, more right. At least for the time being lol.

So, my challenge to you will be to mark time differently. Learn how you function and give yourself space to create you own expectations, your own mini-victories.  You might not find it in a hair color of hair cut but I am sure there is something you could use. Use it, nurture it and share it. I’d love to hear about it. Nonetheless, pay attention to all the moments you ‘fall’ simply because then you can always celebrate when you rise.

p.s how would you guess feel about a sticker? i’ve been thinking about making some.. lemme know 🙂

Loving and rising,


Asa 🙂