The Curvy Con, Nicolette Mason + 3 Tips For the Curvy Minimalist


So these past two weeks have felt less like a whirlwind and more like a static repeat of the day before (actually more like ground hog day). But something super duper incredible happened! So, like any normal day I am scrolling through my Instagram and suddenly, I see this:


Now, as the advised Instagrammer I am, I noticed that it was 56 minutes ago and I thought maybe I wouldn’t have a shot, but I commented anyways! (as you can see above lol) shortly after I received a dm from Nicolette Mason blogger, stylist and curvy girl! We chatted a little about the details and early the next morning I was on my way to The Curvy Con!

What is The Curvy Con you might ask! Well like any other Con, it is day or a series of days focused on the subject at hand….The Curvy Con is a space where Curvy and Plus size womyn can get together and attend panels, shop and talks… and of course cool free stuff and workshops, photo booths and swag bag! It was created by two fabulous plus sized women Cece Olisa  blogger & YouTuber and Chastity Garner Valentine, a fashion blogger.  I had originally saw The Curvy Con’s ad on Ty Alexander’s (@gorgeousingrey) but with me and my memory I had forgotten and slipped from my mind (I know, HOW??.. TRUST ME I AM SORRY LOL) But nonetheless, I got my ticket and made my way there!

Day One: Consisted of a morning full of workouts and a evening cocktail party*.

What I loved most about day one and how it was structured. Everyone came in workout gear, not dressed to the nines or beat for all of the curvy gawds, but simply themselves. Throughout the workout we were reminded that it was a safe space, a space filled with love and not one of judgement. During this time we did a bit of a warm-up, a dance cardio workout and ended the morning with a wonderful yoga stretch.



( Chasitiy and Cece)

Leaving day one made me super excited to see what day two held.

Day Two (or what I like to call the Get Cute Day): Multiple Panels, Shopping and Mingling

We started the day with the panel that I think spoke to me the most was the ” So you wanna be the blogger….” All of the ladies were fabulous and were at very different stages of blogging and beginning to venture into different projects. But they all had the same message for someone like me, a fresh new blogger who’s following strong however mighty and that message was, ‘invest in yourself’. Nothing super fancy or something we haven’t heard before but somehow hearing from these curvy womyn of color spoke to me a little differently.

To here all of the stories of how people started where it just be because it was a passion, or because it was a need, everyone mentioned that they didn’t know where it would take them but they willing got take a shot of themselves. A message that for me really hit home. From the moment , I felt like my fangirl wall came down and I was able to see them all as humans, women, mothers and wives who, took a chance on themselves. Simple yet so incredibly powerful. As the day continued this idea kept coming up… and it was wonderful to hear. In addition to that message though we as a curvy community were reminded that we matter, that out dollars can make a difference and that like any community there needs to be an abundance of love.

The second panel that really hit home for me was what was intend to be a panel about person style but soon turned into conversation of what ‘plus size’ should actually be called. A wonderful point was made that perhaps, this conversation is a distraction from what should actually be spoken about.



I honestly left this event so inspired and happy that I got to go to an event like this and am looking forward to The Curvy Con 2017!

I would like to send a HUGE thank to Nicolette!



(me and @nicolettemason)


Now, for my minimalist tips for the curvy girl, I have already given my tips for entering into the minimalist life here, but to make it even more of an inclusive space I’ve thought of some of the things I live by, as a size 14/16 or 18 (depending on the company)!

Here you go:

  1. High Waisted. Is there anything else to say about this? I mean high-waisted skirts, jeans and ever leggings work well as a staple for any type of outfit. Depending on which piece you grab, )though I would recommend at least two) you can dress it up or dress it down.
  2. Stripes. I know people believe that curvy girls shouldn’t wear stripes, but that’s obviously a lie! By incorporating stripe into your wardrobe you allow for hints of colors to be brought in! With Summer kicking off today it is super duper important to not shy away from color but to embrace it. Stripes are also a good way to bring in patterns without overwhelming your minimalist style. Remember were trying to keep it simple and stylish!
  3. Skippies. So I am not are everyone calls them this, but I hope it re-catches on! What you need is a pair of throw on sneakers, not athletic sneakers but cutesy ones. The first that come to mind for me are Class Converse, Supergas or Vans. By incorporated a staple sneaker like this, you always have a go-to pair of shoes that can be paired with just about anything and make the outfit cute. In addition to that, you’re still keeping it simple and chic , without breaking the honor code of being a minimalist.

I hope these tips are helpful! Please, please tag me in anything you have tried or would like to try!




Loving and Rising,

Asa 🙂






*I did not attend the cocktail party because alcohol is a still aa little triggering for me and I would like to stay away until I am more confident.