Summa, Summa, Summa Time!

This summer, I have made it a personal goal to read for pleasure more and enjoy life more.  That being said, I needed some sort of guidance, because it helps me one feel accomplished and two, I like structure. So, this summer I decided that I would  myself in black feminist thought, black religiosity and womynist art movements.

I am hoping to gain an even better understanding of myself as the political as well as myself as the spiritual and work with things I am interested in. In my most recent discoveries, I have found a need for this, for something deeper within myself. Since I will be living in NYC for the summer I’d like to take you folx with me. So I will start three series/  I really don’t know what else to call it.


  • #OOTW
    • Oldie but goodie, this will happen weekly on insta! Every Friday I will highlight my summer outfits, as a minimalist using my summer capsule.
  • Book Reviews!
    • As part of the summer, I am making a reading list for myself. I am looking to use this material moving forward not only in my life, but to help me with my job this summer. In being able to pass on knowledge, and to help mend not only myself but others. I will be posting book reviews here! (on a ‘when I finish bias’ lol)
  • #21andTheCity
    • This is somewhat of a revival project, for my Senior Project in high school, I spent the semester trying to find cute, free and fun things to do in the city. At the time I was 18 but I feel like a whole new world is available to me now at 21, so I’d like to take advantage.

That’s what I have in store for you folx, not to mention keeping on track with our normal weekly (Sunday) posts, but I like to have more directed content, as well as be able to connect with you all directly! Let me know what you think (new hair color included) and let’s have a damn good time this summer!

loving and always rising,

Asa ❤